Sometimes I work myself up into a frenzy thinking about impossible things.

I like to draw blobs and I like to dream.


14 April 14


HAIM - If I Could Change Your Mind (MK Remix)

Never enough sass dance. 

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Last night I dreamt I was at Alex’s house. He sent everyone on a smoke break so we could mess around. Unfortunately, we were still interrupted.

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Girl Talk || Triple Double


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13 April 14

Last night I dreamt I was in Santa Cruz with Allysia. The Scoaters were over and we watched Zephyr eat a rotten month-old burger. Suddenly, a little hermit crab crawled out of the patty. Sam tugged on it and it unfurled into a tiny octopus. He kept ripping its limbs off, it kept scuttling away. Allysia tried to call Burger. to complain, but they were dismissive. She made us quesadillas instead.

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12 April 14


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Fuck pretty mermaids let’s talk about scary cannibal mermaids that drag people to the bottom of the ocean to feast on their flesh

i thought those were the pretty mermaids

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh